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The Auto Moto Three Wheel Scooter

 TheAutoMoto.com Corporation has found the perfect time to launch its new affordable three wheel enclosed scooter to the U.S market.

 It's fun to drive, highly maneuverable, easy to operate, convenient to park.

The Auto Moto offers comfortable seating for two, a lockable trunk with plenty of storage space, four speakers with MP3 connection, a carbon fiber style dashboard, metallic paint, and a deluxe cockpit…just to name a few all at a price that can fit any budget with an MSRP of only $3,800.

While other vehicles in its class leave the rider exposed, The Auto Moto three wheel scooter incorporates a revolutionary roof design that keeps the rider protected from the elements while still feeling a breeze.

When combined with The Auto Moto's tilting mechanism "the rocker system" allows riders to carve through corners and take turns as if they were on a two wheeled machine yet still keeping the rear wheels and engine compartment planted flat on the ground for added stability.

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